Cry Babies Magic Tears Fantasy Series Winged House Mystery Pack


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Cry Babies Magic Tears – Winged House – Blind Capsule – Random

Introducing the Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged Houses. There are 12+ surprise dolls to collect, each with their own unique glittering design! Look out for the exclusive rare character! Her onesie changes colour when you touch it. Winged Houses are decorated depending on the doll’s personality. Open it to discover which doll you get! Every character comes with 4 standard accessories: magic bottle, dummy and either the new bow and a toy trolley or the bib and a high chair. The set also includes 2 x unique accessories. All of the accessories are glittery! A customised blanket and a personalised stickers sheet are also included. Some special Winged House’s also include an exclusive diamond, bow or a dummy accessory! Feed the Cry Babies Magic Tear doll with the magic bottle, squeeze her belly and she will cry coloured tears!

They cry coloured tears!
12 to collect

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