Glow Flyz Orbiter – Tri Fidget Spinner with Color Changing LED Lights

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  • When activated the LED light orbs cycle seamlessly between an amazing array of colors. Each LED light orb produces a continuously changing stream of light that will blow your mind when spun. Each LED light orb contains (2) CR1220 coin batteries, which provide over 24 hours of continuous run time and can be easily replaced.
  • The high quality, SI3N4 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing, coupled with the weight of the LED light orbs and design of the Fidget Spinner body result in spin times of over 1 minute.
  • The Fidget Spinner body is made from a high quality/durable injection molded plastic. The size and shape of the body maximize spin time and comfort, and allow for various tricks to be performed.
  • Perfect tool for relieving the effects of stress, ADD, ADHD, fidgeting, and quitting bad habits such as smoking and nail biting

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