HearthSong Indoor/Outdoor Bouncy Jumping Shoes


Jump like a kangaroo or imagine you’re on the moon—the possibilities are so exciting when kids slip on a pair of Bouncy Shoes! Featuring a removable liner for easy cleaning, a hard plastic adjustable boot shell that stabilizes feet, two buckles and straps for a snug and secure fit, and high-tension springs for the ultimate bounce, this is the perfect accessory for kids who love to move. A non-slip tread on the bottom of the shoe grips without scratching floors, meaning these shoes can be used indoors and out.

Small (sizes 3–5; max. weight 100 lbs.) and Large (sizes 5–7; max. weight 150 lbs.). Adult supervision recommended.

Bouncy shoes for kids
Great for high-energy kids who love to jump and bounce around!
Hard boot shell is adjustable and stabilizes feet
Includes a removable liner for easy cleaning
Easy to put on and take off
2 buckles and straps on each boot ensure a snug and secure fit
Bounce on high-tension springs
Bottom of the boot is covered in a non-slip tread that won’t scratch floors
Use them indoors or out!
Shoes available in 2 sizes:
Small (sizes 3–5; max. weight 100 lbs.)
Large (sizes 5–7; max. weight 150 lbs.)


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